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ALPHA provides an effective and powerful way to build and grow your community

Quick Growth

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With the Right Community, Great Things Can Happen

The problem we are solving is that all the projects on different stages of development face a problem of the community burnout, followed by batches of members leaving the project. We support startups and new projects on their early stages by forming an active community via organic methods, moderating the community, supporting the marketing campaigns, creating original and unique content, educational materials etc.

What We Offer

Community members usually leaving communities after airdrops, token sales, TGE and finished marketing campaigns. Our team makes sure the community is staying engaged and active, every community member gets support and has all of the questions answered, the content sections gets updated on a regular basis, the community is formed via organic methods.


Formation and organic growth

All our team members are the ambassadors in key crypto-projects and have extensive experience in building and supporting a communities.

Creation of unique content

Our designers, artists and video editors constantly win numerous competitions and help to draw attention to the project by creating unique content.

Support of marketing campaigns

We help to increase activity with running marketing campaigns on social media by attracting additional attention and active community members.

Provide any other support 

We are always ready to help. Analytics, additional activities and competitions, translation of documents and etc. We are here for you.

Who we are

ALPHA is a team of professionals, who are ready to complete any required tasks. This is a sort of a special unit, like ninjas. We conduct a thorough selection of the candidates and analyze the activity of each member on a weekly basis. There are over 30 team members at the moment, who proved to be experts in their niches.

Analysts &  Marketers

Developers & technicians

Artists & Designers


Trusted Among Industry Leaders

Our team successfully cooperates and develops the communities of several well-known projects. We will help you achieve your ambitious goals.

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What Our Clients Say

“Waiting for the official feedback...”

Interlay Co-Founder,
Alexei Zamyatin

“Seeing the ALPHA TEAM at work has been pure pleasure. They have a deep understanding of Web3, and are always focused on making an outsized impact on the community through education and creativity. I am grateful for ALPHA's contribution”.

Firefly Co-Founder, Nikodem Grzesiak

"Alpha Team have a great eye for design and create memorable high quality artworks and content on a regular basis. They are easy to communicate with as well. Thanks Alpha for the support!"

SubQuery Community Manager, Sally

Our Vision

We believe in the power of networking. We know that together we can achieve much more than each of us individually. That's how the Alpha Team was born. Our motto is "Give more than you take" Every day we develop ourselves and doing our best to make this world a better place.

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Join our team if you believe in the development of Web 3 and blockchain technology, are passionate about the NFT, DeFi and Metaverse


Master's in Computer Science

Master's in Marketing


Get Ready to Activate Your Community With Our Creative Solutions